Black Friday Overload

Save’n Money the American Way

At about 10:00 PM on Thanksgiving I hit the road with my daughter to try to capture the essence of Black Friday. We were full of great food and going through a little football withdrawal–I know, blasphemy and unAmerican. We wanted to capture what motivates people to give up their valuable time and creature comforts to save a few dollars.

We checked out all the big box stores–WalMart, Target, Best Buy and the like.  Everywhere we went, we found excited and tired Black Fridayites huddled over their smart phones and laptops suffering for bargains and swapping stories from Friday’s past. The lines were orderly and well mannered. Those at the front of the lines looked confident–savoring their good luck to be up front. While those in the rear of the line were in small groups discussing strategies and tactics to ensure they made the “perfect” buy.

By 11:30 I knew I was done. I had met some nice people, found out that Black Fridayites have their own culture and traditions, and the experience was usually more important than the savings. I also learned that as compelling as an 80% discount is on a laptop computer, it’s not enough for me to camp out for two days in a parking lot with a few hundred other bargain hunters. However, that’s me. I just happen to think and feel differently about money than they do. And truth be told, there are a few things I’d camp out for.

Money Made Personal – Ted